Great Love Stories for a Wonderful Valentines Day

Alas Valentine’s Day is upon us.


Happy Valentines Day 

Do you love, lovers? Do you love to swoon, cry, cheer? Have your heart wrenched right out of your chest, then pieced back together?

These are some MEGA 5 STAR reads that I LOVED!! Each one is full of Swoonworthy men, awesome love and is written by amazing authors. Curl up this V-day with a good man in a great book!


At the very tippy top of my list is Archer…ah swoon…Archer is the man to beat all men. Broken, damaged, innocent. He will make you swoon and fall madly in love. This book by Mia Sheridan is the best book of all time according to me. Every man needs a little bit of Archer Hale in him! It will renew your faith in love and men. Even if you are made of ice, Archer will melt your heart!

 Grab your very own Archer here ->






 Quirky and curvy. Sarcastic and very funny. Min Dobbs is in every woman out there. I have read and re-read this one many times. 

Jennifer Cruise wrote something wonderful with this one. Min is set on breaking the heart of the known heart breaker. The man that no one like her could ever get. But as my mother always said, beauty is only skin deep and Min is AMAZING on the inside. This book will just make you feel good!

 Join the fun with Min, Cal and a whole gang of crazies here –>



Have you ever noticed that some of the best love stories have a broken man involved? Must be our mothering instinct or our fascination at fixing someone that draws to these hotties. 


Fisher’s Light is an amazing story of second chances, love that never dies and fighting to keep a soul mate. My heart broke with Lucy, I hated Fisher but yet felt so much of his pain and anguish. 

Picking up the pieces of yourself after someone has completely shattered you is a tiring, endless task. Especially when you love that person so fiercely. Words of hurt never go away, once they are out they continue to dig and gnaw until they are rooted so deep you can’t breath. Apologies only go so far. 

Lucy and Fisher lost something in his quest to defend his country. Not only did it break his mind, it broke his spirit and shattered his soul. Now he will fight with everything he has to get back what is his. He fought hard for his country, now he fight harder for his future. 

I love everything about this book. The characters are magnificent, the plot is unique and heart wrenching and warming, the writing is superb. Fisher’s Light is a book that you will want to read again. It is one you will grab a blanket, a warm cup of coffee, and snuggle in to feel it all. For a second time!

Tara Sivec is such a versatile author, she can make us LOL, scare us to death or give us a heart warming story like this.

Grab your Fisher NOW –>




I literally messaged the author on this one because I thought she was going to rip my heart out and I was not happy! This is a WONDERFUL story! Five Stars is just not enough to describe this one! Grab yours NOW –>



One quirky woman who only see’s the end, one optimistic man who has faced the end and now only see’s the present. Corin is such a mess, certain she is destined for immediate death. Beck has faced the beyond way to young, fought his way back and now follows “Carpe Diem”. 
Mz. Walters will cut you open and make you bleed with this one. I found myself holding my breath unable to read fast enough. 
When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it surrounds itself in a cocoon. Over time it climbs out of it shell a beautiful creature full of life. Corin is in her cocoon of certain illness will Beck be able to break her out of her mind and show her life is really worth living? When life draws you both short straws, you mold them together and become one strong, unbendable force.
An amazingly heart hurting read! 
My favorite Corin moments:
“And I also liked to fart rainbows on the weekends.”

““Going back to my place is a euphemism right? For sex.” Now I was saying the word sex out loud. It was like having Tourette’s. Hey, how are you doing? Sex! Nice weather we’re having. Sex!”

“I wanted to ride him like a bucking bronco. My inner cowgirl was ready to come out and play. I was Corin, Wanton Dry Humping Goddess!” 

This book will stick with you for a long time. The amazing story of Flat Finn is positively moving! It is quirky, sweet and will leave you guessing. Celeste is such a phenomenal character. This is one you will just keep rereading!! Grab it NOW –>.

This is one of the books that started it all for me. I have read and reread this one so many times. It is my go to, rainy day book. Travis Maddox was my first BBF. When I stumble into the world of reading after many years of hiatis I found this book and it jumped started it all. This is one of the reasons I am blogging for you today. It doesn’t need to melt your panties, it doesn’t need anything erotic, it is just a GREAT book. 
Start your journey with the Orignal Maddox brother that started it all HERE –>
No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a CoHo book! Colleen writes some of the best love stories. Such a huge following this lady has, and I am no exception. Out of all the phenomenal 
Hoover books out there I chose this one for my list, I believe it has been my favorite. I was sucked right into this one, I could not put it down. The connection between the characters is just amazing. It is breath taking, world changing, and heart shattering. Perfect for this day of love.
Check it out HERE –>
 This one, ah, it will just make you swoon. An emotionally moving story that will leave you gasping for air and your heart pounding out of you chest. Need to have your faith in romance renewed? Then this is the book for you. Amy Harmon gave us an exceptional book with this one. The relationship between the baby left behind who grew into a man and Georgia the loving naive girl is just out of the world. 
Grab your Moses NOW. —

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