Never Trust A Saint ~ RELEASE BLITZ, EXCERPT & REVIEW ~ Melissa Jane

NEVER TRUST a SAINT- a LOS SANTOS cartel story #1


“She manages to make a story absolutely compelling and gripping from as early as the first few pages, which is crazy unusual.” SBR Blogs


“How do I even start this review except HOLY S**# this book was amazing!!!!” GR reviewer

“This book I can’t tell you how much I treasured it.” GR Reviewer




A protector from evil. One who without fear will lead you safely through darkness. 

Cold and ruthless. A CARTEL who cares only for revenge and glory. 

My name is Nina Cross, and I’m the Los Santos’s newest prey. Determined to prove my partners innocence and avenge his violent death, I stumbled naively into the spider’s web. Tangled with lies and hunted for truth I was shadowed with each step I took. That was until one man, relentless in his touch and his desire threatened to bring me to my knees in ways I both craved and feared. 
Jair Ruiz. Powerful, brooding and confident and not at all who he seems. He has me in his sights and has every intention of toying with his newest target while fighting to keep us both alive. 
When the FBI turns it back on you and Los Santos cartel have already dug your grave, who is there left to trust?

Only one man. A saviour. 

But if I look my saint in the eye and all I see is the devil…do I run?







Jair sat back in his chair and drained the last of his wine, eyes locked on mine. “I understand your apprehension, cariña. I do, honestly. But what I see is a woman who without me is quite easily going to be six foot under as soon as she tells me to walk. What you are choosing to see is a hero who can save you from the men seeking your blood. When in reality they and I, we all stem from the same societies soaked in deceit, violence, drugs and treachery. Fact of the matter is, I’ve killed for precisely the same reasons they’ve killed. My boot has walked through the blood of victims the same amount of times as they’ve strung theirs up from a bridge. I can be your saint for a day, a night, a week, but at the end of our time together just know that even the devil was an angel


4 Out of 5 Mysterious Alpha Male Stars


Corruption, death, suspense all plague rookie FBI Agent Nina Cross. Her world is so far from what it seems. 


A mysterious man. One who makes her body hum and tremble with fear all at the same time. How can a man dampen her panties while raising every red flag her mind can come up with. 


This books is a great angst, action filled read. Jair is an enigma. Just when you think you hate him, your opinion will shift. 


Right is wrong, wrong is right, who can you trust when you blink and they are not who you thought they were. Thrown into a world you do not belong in, are not prepared for. Just remember “even the devil was an Angel once upon a time.”


A great book that will keep you guessing!


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