Blog Tour, Review – Bear the Burden by Rochelle Paige


5 Shifty Witchy Stars
I love all things witch and shift. Those two together are wonderful!!

Another great installment in the Bear shifting McMahon clan.
The last triplet is on the chopping block. Theses alpha bears waste no time claiming there mate when she is found. It always shocks me how fast they hit the bed/wall/ or any other surface suitable for some seriously steamy loving.
Rochelle rocks our world again with this quick read. 
Camden McMahon has never trusted witches. He’s willing to temporarily overlook his animosity and work with a coven in order to put an end to the threat against his family. Then he meets the daughter of their high priestess, a gifted witch in her own right—and Camden’s fated mate.

Selene Trevil has always treasured the magic which flows through her veins. Until it calls out to Camden and marks him as her intended consort. A relationship between a shifter and a witch is unheard of, but resisting his pull is impossible.

Will Camden and Selene have to bear the burden of the past? Or will their love be enough to overcome all the obstacles standing in their way?  





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