The Last Round by Emmy Montes

5 Plus Stars!!

There is a song from the late 80’s, maybe mid 90’s, it was one of my favorite love songs at the time and while reading this book I could hear it playing like a sound track in my head. 

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough by Patty Smyth and Don Henley. 
Everyone also thinks that if love someone you can conquer all. Life just does not work that way. You can love someone to the moon and back but if your heart is broke or life Just get too complicated then that love is not going to carry you through.
Heart, soul, body and mind have to prevail. 
Marriage is hard on the average person. It is a full time job that both parties have to work. Add fame, determination, money and paparazzi with rumors, and addiction. It is just a recipe for disaster. 
Emmy gives a poignant look at marriage through the eyes of Julian and Natalia. I loved the flashbacks. I would have loved some more backstory. Julian is battling demons and has lost the one shield he had, now he will fight to get it back. Natalia has fought the good fight, stood by her man, but when the last bell rings and she is down for the count..will there be enough pieces left to start new.
A wonderful read!! A must have to your collection.



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